Monday, September 3, 2012

The F Word

The F Word

I know this is a little late but anyway....

In "Fear of Feminism" the author makes some very good statements about young women and how they are naive to the idea of being a feminist. This fear isn't just secluded to the fact that they are naive about what a feminist is, but how to identify what a feminist is. It's a way of life that is unfamiliar with most people. According to Hogeland the life of a feminist is a life with consequence because women who fear feminism fear living in consequences(Hogeland, page 3). Just knowing that the Feminist movement was lead by intellectual leaders is a great start. This article has opened my eyes to a lot of possibilities to how the feminist movement came to be and has played out.

A Tsunami In History
The connection of the girl passed down from generation to generation is quit symbolic. It shows the pride and the strength that the elder women had. In the passage, a quote from Susan B. Anthony was quoted as "It was we, the people; not we, the white mal citizens; nor yet we, the male citizens,; but we, the whole people, who formed the Union...Men, their rights and nothing more; women, their rights and nothing less" (Rowe-Finkbeiner, page 20). This quote has a lot of meaning behind it in the sense that nothing was ever equal. It took some redefining and amendments to get the equality right. The history given in this reading is very detailed and inspirational. The ring signifies a lot more than originally


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  1. I understand that it was a long a important work. But I am still chock that for many years African American were not allow to the fight!!!